Back to school… during the holidays.

School holidays, time to get some work done!

We are busy completing an upgrade under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades), in an educational setting at an address that has already received a previous upgrade. The traditional diffused fluro troffers were upgraded with LED retrofit tubes.

Now it’s time to head back through and replace the LED retrofits with 1200×300 LED panels dropping from an already reduced 24W per fitting, down to just 16W but gaining lighting performance at the same time.

We often use a (calibrated) light meter to quantify the upgrade (we like to be certain it is an actual UPGRADE) but this time we wanted to better capture the difference in some photos. So we locked in a couple of settings to the camera, admittedly, a little under-exposed (f3.2, 1/50sec, ISO800) for a quick before and after.


f3.2, 1/50sec, ISO800


f3.2, 1/50sec, ISO800

While underexposed, we think this is still a good representation of how differing products, produce light differently.

Reducing the shadows that were cast higher on the walls leaves the entire space feeling significantly brighter in real life.


iPhone “AUTO”

No matter your operating environment, be it residential, commercial, or industrial, if you want to see what options you have under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, get in contact with us! We’ll check out your site and discuss what rebates are available for you, and what products we can put in place to improve your lighting performance.