Our problem: No customers

Our solution: A new brand to launch VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) specific marketing material from.

In order to protect the TEIGE Electrical brand from a somewhat negative sentiment shared by some about the VEU program, we decided to create another to conduct our marketing activity from.

Simple logo

TEIGE Digital self-developed a business logo and colour scheme to use with the new brand. We then looked at the pain points in our current process of taking bookings for VEU related work at TEIGE Electrical. Armed with metrics from previous marketing campaigns, we set about building a simple, but effective website that would work great on mobile. The site would allow customers to select their geographic location, identify what VEU subsidised products were available, and schedule the installation with TEIGE Electrical. By automatically scheduling around any other work that had been booked in meant the electrician managed to meet 100% of scheduled appointments with customers of

We had learnt previously that customer sentiment about an appointment for something “free” was something that could easily be discarded and we initially suffered a number of appointment no-shows. After deploying the website, we found that by allowing our customers to choose the time-slot for the appointment/booking along with automatically sending a reminder text and email the day before a booking, we eliminated appointment no-shows entirely. 

TEIGE Digital took care of generating all of the marketing material, then automated social media engagement and advertising. Spending time on SEO (search engine optimisation) meant the site quickly ranked in locality for all of the most common searched terms for VEU upgrades in the greater Bendigo region.

Essentially, we created an entirely automated platform to conduct marketing activity, and work scheduling from. This meant a great deal of the administration burden was reduced to nothing.

TEIGE, having worked in the VEU space for only 8 months, managed to learn some of the pain points in conducting the work, and then sought to eliminate as many as possible through digital adaption.

Ultimately, was TEIGE’s first digital project, and we consider it a complete success.