Monitoring your energy use with your smart-phone

These are a relatively new product to the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

We’ve been using them now a couple of months and thought I’d mention a few particular use-cases that we’ve heard from our clients.

1 – The old freezer in the shed trick

Upon inspecting a clients property, and observing significantly high usage on the power bill (with a significant solar system mind you) we setup a in-home-display on the meter and began isolating circuits. Low and behold, we found and old chest freezer, with no seals, that was plugged in and running in a rarely used shed. Using up all the solar generation through the day, and drawing a significant amount through peak periods and on into the night.

2 – AirBNB Property

Using the emerald energy advisor on a clients AirBNB property gives them confidence that they won’t get any nasty surprises when the bill turns up. They get to see the billed amount is the same as the usage for the property. They can even line up the usage with when individual guests stay at the property for even more peace of mind.

Using the in-home display, you can see exactly how much power you are using, and when you are using it.

You’ll be able to;

  • Check your usage patterns.
  • Make informed decisions on when you run power-hungry devices.
  • And save on your energy bill.

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Emerald Planet Energy Advisor