New products! more freebies!

A device retailing for $129, can be installed for Victorians, FREE!

Many of you have asked, and we’ve had it in the pipeline a while, but finally, we can offer these handy-dandy Bluetooth power monitors (or “Wireless In-Home Display” as we call them).

Essentially, it is a device that is connected to your power meter and provides a Bluetooth connection to your (smart)phone. This allows you to record and monitor your power usage via an application installed on your phone.

I am sure the subsidy that is available that allows us to install it for free is there to encourage energy consumers to be more aware of their usage patterns. That way, if they notice anything amiss they can investigate, or seek a professional’s assistance (like a licenced electrician). After all, a better-informed energy consumer is better equipped to make decisions that may reduce their energy consumption.


The Victorian government energy upgrades scheme (VEU) provides support to all Victorian households with the installation and upgrade of energy-efficient technology to help reduce energy costs and greenhouse emissions. This In-Home-Display is a VEU approved product, and can therefore be installed for FREE.