Smarthome Products

TEIGE has installed some Deta branded (an unpopular choice among some sparky’s) smart switches that are available at a local, somewhat large, hardware chain. We TRY not to be brand snobs, we attempt to look at all products as objectively as possible. So given the function these products provide, for the cost compared to competitors, we were interested to check them out. While they aren’t natively supported by the Apple smart-home ecosystem (HomeKit) we managed to get them working with some go-between software. Additionally, we got them working fine, natively with the Google-home product.

We are going to check-in and monitor their performance over the coming months to ensure they perform well for their given application.

If you have or want to supply products to have installed to try in your smart-home system we are absolutely willing to accommodate you. Provided the product, and its installation will meet all the regulatory requirements of course.

Oh, and for those wondering, no, we didn’t have to install 2 wall plates. There are 3 gang switch plates available, we just needed the two separate for a fairly specific application.