The range of replacement light globes

We get the odd inquiry looking for more details about the replacement lighting products.

All products supplied as part of the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program have to be approved for use. That means we can’t head off to your favourite retailer and choose any old LED product to install in your home.

The energy (electrical) consumption of these current replacement products is as follows:

  • A60 B22 Globe = 6.5W
  • A60 E27 Globe = 6.5W
  • MR16 Downlight globe = 4.8W
  • GU10 Downlight globe = 5W
  • B22 Candle = 3W
  • E14 Candle = 2W
  • B15 Candle = 2W
  • BR30 Reflector = 12W
  • E27 Reflector = 8W

For more information, feel free to contact us or to arrange a time to have your existing halogen, incandescent, or CFL (compact fluorescent) globes replaced, head over to the booking page!