Update: COVID-19 Victorian trading restrictions. Good news and bad.

First, the bad.

As our Victorian clients will be well aware, on the 27th of May 2021 the acting premier announced a lockdown for Victoria, this included trading restrictions that precluded us from attending customers in their homes. Subsequently, EnergySafe Victoria (ESV) issued specific guidance for electrical workers that stated no work was to occur within an occupied residential dwelling.

To that end, we regrettably had to reschedule and push many clients work back a week (or more). Unfortunately, even with the announcement (3rd June 2021) for the now current reduced restrictions in Regional Victoria, advice from ESV remains that: “Work must take place outdoors. You cannot enter an occupied premises.

This means some of our clients will likely be rescheduled again. We sincerely regret that we have to do this, but we are steadfast in our desire to adhere to the rules set by our industry regulator (EnergySafe Victoria).

The good news;

We have already had word that an extension to the program that allows us to install LED lighting products in Bendigo homes and businesses has been extended. By one month, until the 29th July 2021. There will be more updates on this in the coming weeks and you will likely see more marketing material from us. That said, with us now having to fit 2 weeks’ worth of work into our already busy schedule, we are going to be getting pretty hard up for time. We would sincerely hate to hear that an eligible Bendigo-based client, that wanted the free upgrade, misses out.