VEU installations by TEIGE Electrical

We just wanted to share with you, something we think is important for our (potential) clients understand. TEIGE Electrical Services works with one of the largest Accredited Providers to the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. We are the installers of the products, supplied by the Accredited Provider. Engaging us, to take up the offer of a free, or heavily subsidised installation of an approved product can certainly be worthwhile.

Noting some of the things we’ve read online, or been told by our previous clients, we wanted to let prospective customers know that;

  • We’re not about putting you on a waiting list to get it installed.
  • You won’t call us, leave your details and never hear from us again.
  • We aren’t a marketing or lead generation company.
  • We ARE the ones that will install the product(s). You are booking directly with us.

You just book in, selecting a date and time from our available appointments, and we’ll be there.

In the last 365 days, with the exceptions of the snap trading restrictions, we have NEVER missed an appointment.