Bettering workplace ergonomics through lighting upgrades

Recently, TEIGE Electrical completed an installation in an educational setting here in Bendigo.

Removing 82 fluorescent troffers, we went about installing the 82 LED panel, drop-in replacements. From a whopping 72W per fitting, down to just 18W will be a huge saving in their energy consumption for the bill payer.

While on-site, we received some fantastic feedback from the end-users. During the staged installation, they explained that working under the new panels for extended periods was far more comfortable than the previous fluorescents. Finding themselves moving to already complete parts of the building to work, we think is such a great compliment to the technology.

It was such a great installation that really highlighted to us, some of the lesser-known benefits of making the switch to LED lighting products.

Note: These panels were specifically chosen in 3000~3300K colour temperature (warm white) due to the very specific setting in which they are installed.