VEU Code of Conduct

Starting on the first of July 2022, in Victoria, the Essential Services Commission has seen legislated, a regulatory code of conduct for participants in the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. This regulation means people conducting work under the program will be legally governed by this code of conduct.

It sets in place the minimum standards you can expect when dealing with an accredited provider, the marketing and sales, installation and any post installation work required.

If any part of the upgrade activity does not meet these minimum standards, it may not be eligible to create certificates, meaning the provider won’t be paid.

What does that mean for you? Hopefully a better experience so;

  • Don’t let anyone try to convince you that any upgrade activity is mandatory.
  • Don’t let fast talkers or tricky business names fool you, the state government is NOT providing you the product or service.
  • No one can knock on your door, or call you, and use high pressure tactics to bully you into accepting an upgrade.
  • If you ask a person to leave your property, they will immediately.

Finally, make sure anyone that you DO engage with identifies themselves with their name and the business they represent. They should produce an ID card on request and the ID card will have their photo, full name and all of the business details of the company that they represent. Make sure who has turned up, is who you requested.

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