Commercial Installs

If you follow our socials, you probably already know that lately, TEIGE has been hard at work completing some commercial lighting jobs under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program.

Having completed a couple of retail outlets in the Bendigo region, we thought we better make mention of it here and share a couple of photos.

The LED panels that we have been installing are a terrific replacement for traditional fluorescent troffer often installed in suspended ceilings, such as those that were installed in these retail outlets. As a drop-in replacement, they are often (though not always! we wish it was always!) a hassle-free installation that can be a dramatic upgrade in some settings.

These units also feature an occupancy and daylight sensor that allows you to tailor the lighting to the install and even make bigger energy savings by having the lighting dim down with no movement, or with a sufficient amount of natural lighting.

With a couple more interesting projects still to come, we look forward to sharing some more installs that show just how many victorian energy consumers can benefit from installing energy-efficient lighting products in their workplace!

For more information, or to arrange an obligation-free assessment and quote (remember, it’s almost always free!) contact us, or book us in for a quote.