Efficiency Everywhere

Unfortunately the Victorian Energy Upgrades program doesn’t cover every singe lighting product that we find (although it isn’t often that we find products that can’t be upgraded within the program). In this rustic outdoor dining hall, we found a number of G9 halogen bulbs (40 actually).

Not one to back away from finding some lighting efficency, we sourced some LED replacements. What we weren’t prepared for was just how perfectly these 6W LED units replaced the 35W halogens that were fitted in each fitting. In fact, upon replacing half, we turned them all on and could not discern any difference between the LED and halogen units at all. We couldn’t even get a camera to capture the difference.

So from a whopping 1400W of lighting power consumption, down to just 240W (just 17%) the customer will actually make a substancial impact on the running cost of this outdoor dining space.