Commercial Lighting Upgrades for Victorian Businesses

TEIGE is now offering (actually, we always have) commercial upgrades via the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) scheme.

The process is not dissimilar to the residential upgrades you are all likely familiar with, although there is a few gotcha’s we will do our best to explain.

  • Firstly, the upgrade isn’t necessarily always free (although you don’t have to complete the upgrade) so we will provide you a detailed quotation on the upgrade of the specific products you use in your business. This quote will include all the rebates available through the VEU for your premises in order to reduce the cost to the consumer as much as possible. Potentially all the way down to zero! That’s right, potentially free.
  • Secondly, we will need access to the property in order to identify all the lighting products you currently use, to accurately record (and calculate) your current energy consumption. It helps greatly if you can make available a copy of your current energy retailer’s last bill.
  • Thirdly, we may even be able to upgrade older, less efficient LED products. This we can’t do in residential properties, but is an option available to all businesses in Victoria.

So the process, for any business in the greater Bendigo region is as follows;

  1. Get in contact with us! Tell us you are interested in exploring what options may be available to upgrade the lighting in your business.
  2. Have a meeting with an electrician (on-site preferably) so they can capture all the information required to prepare you a quote.
  3. Consider the quotation that we supply.
  4. If accepted, arrange a time for the installers to upgrade all the lighting products you’ve selected from the quotation.
  5. Enjoy the reduction in energy costs and the newer modern LED lighting products we’ve installed. Knowing that you will be supported by TEIGE, in the future, in the unlikely event you have any problems at all with the products we’ve installed.

If you are ready to go ahead and organise an appointment for an electrician to conduct a commercial lighting assessment (CLA) and provide you with a quote get in contact with us.