Indoor Sports!

Another lighting job brings some more unique and fascinating challenges (we seriously LOVE a challenge).

To complete a massive lighting upgrade in one of Bendigo’s BIGGEST bad-ass indoor sporting venue was clearly going to be different for us, right from the onset. There was a huge barrier in place, some whopping great nets.

Introducing TEIGE to an amazing niche trade that we, naively, didn’t even realise existed. Watching our operator carefully cut us access, so we could go up and through the net, in order to replace over 100 light fittings, then go back in behind us and expertly sew the nets back together was a real treat. To complete that task in half a day was truly a monumental undertaking.

About halfway through we realised the upgraded lighting was going to make a huge impact on the space. Comfortably doubling (actually measured) the lighting at floor level was an amazing result.

We’ve achieved some amazing results in residential homes, retail shopping, hospitality venues, farming and now sports centres …healthcare, we’re coming for you!

While there we witnessed a huge bunch of kids have the most epic nerf war on one of the courts, setup with a bunch of great props… truth be told, we were a little jealous, they were having tons of fun.

Another truly great Bendigo business that will have made so many great memories for so many Bendigonian family’s (ours included).