Eight ways your social media annoys your customers

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As marketers, we often believe our content is exceptional, providing value in an engaging and memorable way, tailored to our audience’s preferences. However, the harsh reality is that if we’re not cautious, our content can have detrimental effects. Achieving success, whether paid or organic, on social media heavily relies on a high-quality content strategy. Brands must grasp what their audience desires and dislikes.

Fortunately, Adobe has recently conducted a study involving 1,000 U.S. consumers, shedding light on their top grievances regarding branded content. To keep your social media audience satisfied and engaged, it’s imperative to avoid these common errors.

  1. Excessive Wordiness or Poor Writing Irritates 39% of Consumers: Recognize that as humans, we can make grammatical mistakes when generating a substantial volume of content. Strive for clarity, brevity, and precision in your language. Having a team member review your content for quality is a prudent step. Perfection may be unattainable, but consumers crave easily comprehensible content.
  2. Poorly Designed Content Annoys 28% of Consumers: Visual content reigns supreme on social media, so ensuring the visual appeal of your content is crucial. If you lack design skills, enlist the assistance of a team member or consider utilising templates from platforms like Canva. At the end of the day, your content aims to convert social media users into customers, and unattractive material hinders your efforts.
  3. Excessive Personalisation Comes Across as Creepy to Most Consumers: Personalisation is beneficial, but excessive personalisation can be unsettling. Strive to be relevant to your audience’s situation without crossing into an invasive territory. Given concerns about data privacy, avoid making consumers feel like they’re being surveilled. Offer valuable solutions rather than creepy insights into their lives.
  4. Overused or Stale Content Frustrates 23% of Consumers: In a competitive landscape where brands continuously churn out content, the strategy of “curating” over “creating” content is prevalent. Exercise caution with this approach. When consumers encounter the same concept repeatedly, its impact diminishes. Put your unique spin on curated content to inject freshness into it.
  5. Non-Personalised Content Annoys Consumers: Contrary to excessive personalisation, consumers appreciate content that addresses their specific questions or circumstances. Craft content with a target audience in mind to ensure it resonates with them. The relevance and relatability of your content establish your brand as a valuable resource.
  6. Non-Optimised Content for Devices Is a Source of Frustration for 21% of Consumers: Given that most social media content consumption occurs on mobile devices, prioritise mobile-first creative practices. Adapt your content to suit the device it will be viewed on, ensuring it remains robust, readable, and visually appealing across various screens.
  7. Lack of Video or Images Annoys 17% of Consumers: While text still has its place, consumers favor content featuring videos or engaging imagery over text-only content. Social media platforms heavily favor visuals, so consider making this a staple in your content strategy.
  8. Repetitive Promotions for Past Purchases Are Frustrating for 16% of Consumers: It’s exasperating to see a coupon for something you’ve already purchased. Avoid this annoyance by being considerate in the content you serve to both existing customers and potential ones. Opt for targeted social advertising to control this aspect better. As a content strategy best practice, refrain from publishing redundant promotions to customers who have already converted.

Steer clear of these blunders, and you’ll reduce the risk of alienating your social media audience. After all, content that doesn’t resonate with them is unlikely to lead to conversions.