Frequently asked questions about the VEU lighting upgrade program

Q. Is it totally free?

A. This is the toughest one to answer simply. Most of the time it is! The only real exception is where you have downlights installed on incompatible dimming circuits where the entire downlight fitting needs to be changed to an integrated driver type of fitting. In this case, there will be a charge of $19.95 per fitting.

But this isn’t a necessary cost, you can opt-out of the upgrade for these fittings. You can also talk to the installer about other options that may be suitable in your specific situation.

Q. How does the program work exactly?

A. The Victorian Government is subsidising the LED upgrades to reduce greenhouse gases and lower electricity bills under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program which aims to reduce greenhouse gases by providing access to energy-efficient products and services.

For more information on the program, you can visit:

Q. Are the installers fully qualified electricians?

A. To participate in this program, they have to be! All installers working with TEIGE are fuilly qualified electricians. TEIGE is also a Registered Electrical Contractor (to be permitted to conduct any wiring changes that could need to be made).

Q. Are your downlight globes compatible with existing transformers?

A. We hope so! truth is, we can’t be sure until we test them. In 99% of cases our 12V halogen downlight replacements work without issue. We will test the globes for compatibility on installation day, and will not leave you with poorly functioning lighting.

Q. Is there a warranty?

A. Of course! we will warrant all products we install for 2 years!

That means if a globe goes out, in the next 2 years you can call a local electrician, to come and replace it at no cost!

You will struggle to get that kind of service elsewhere!

Q. Are these LEDs brighter than my existing light globes?

A. Even though the new LEDs have lower wattage, their lumen output is higher and the brightness spreads much wider (the wattage is electrical energy consumption – lumen is the light output or brightness of the light)

If you believe any LED lighting product is NOT performing as well, or better than the previous lighting product you had, you can opt-out for that particular fitting.

Q. Am I eligible for the program?

A. Almost everyone is eligible for an LED upgrade IF they have old, inefficient lighting in their home or business. Unfortunately, we cannot replace globes that are already LED.

Q. How can I tell if I’ve already got LED globes in my home?

A. This can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking at. Feel free to send us a picture of your light fitting (get nice and close to the globe for us) through to either or, 0429886686 and we will let you know!