Happy Birthday… to us.

Often thought we were crazy to begin trading in the midst of the uncertainty during a global health pandemic….

…we were.

But we’re not giving up.

Today marks 12 months since we began enacting the plan that would bring TEIGE to fruition. We’ve now been servicing Bendigo (and surrounds) with our general electrical services for 11 months, and providing access to products and services under the VEU for 8 of those months. In the coming days, I’ll tally up some of the more interesting numbers from our somewhat restricted, first 12 months of trading and share them here and on our socials.

To everyone that has supported us so far, a genuine and sincere thank you. Putting a little trust in us has been welcomed and we hope we have met any expectations you might have had. We are genuinely sorry that in the past year there have been some challenges with booking work and rescheduling (for some of you, over and over again) due to trading restrictions, but we thank you for persevering with us.

Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer