Real-World Energy Savings

We have been careful to not get suckered into listing percentage gains in advertising material, especially when it comes to energy consumption for the free LED upgrades. Many undoubtedly do it, and that is fine, but you really need to read closely to understand what the real benefits (in terms of energy consumption) are for your household (hint: you won’t save 85% on your power bill, just lighting).

As an example, this Victorian home had over 100 lighting products replaced. Each of those were globes that went from a typical 35W halogen to a modern 5.5W retrofit LED unit. That means those LEDs are using 15.7% of the energy the halogens required to operate. Additionally, there were a number of 150W globes that were replaced with 12W LED versions. Using just 8% of the energy required for the incandescent units. These are significant reductions in power and will, in turn, reduce the home’s power bills, provided of course, their usage patterns do not change.

This is of course, just the lighting products. Many other electrical loads within the typical home are generally responsible for more of the electricity bill.

Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, electric heaters, and electric hot water units all tend to be significant electrical consumers in a typical Victorian home. There is some good news there too because the Victorian Energy Upgrades program has rebates available for consumers looking to install more efficient products in these categories too. Stay tuned for more information on Hot Water Systems and Airconditioners installed by TIEGE under the VEU.