Smoke Detectors

They are so incredibly important! I think everyone knows that they are an important safety device for the home. They will literally save you, and your loved ones’ lives, if they are functioning.

After being in so many Victorian homes recently, installing LED light globes for FREE (under the VEU) I’ve grown considerably concerned about the number of detectors I’ve seen disabled. I know, sometimes it’s easier to just unclip them from the ceiling and remove the battery if one is intermittently beeping (probably because it has a flat battery, or is out of date). Doing this breeds complacency, even though I’m sure people have the best of intentions “oh I’ll buy a battery next time I’m at the shops”. You forget once, maybe twice, next thing it’s been hanging like that for a year. PLEASE, it will not protect you, your family, or your property if it isn’t functioning. Seriously, if you have a smoke detector in this condition, if all you need is a battery, contact us, we’ll come and change your smoke detector battery for free.

TEIGE can also supply new, compliant equipment backed by both our company and the company that supplies it (meaning that even if we don’t answer the phone, should one malfunction, the supplier will pay to send someone else out!).

Seriously, we don’t care if you go elsewhere to buy, or have new smoke detectors installed. If someone from TEIGE shows you why your detector may not protect you, we just want you to organise getting functioning detectors. We will even happily point you toward some other options (our competitors) that will be able to help you out if you want to shop around.

For renters (both property owners AND tenants), you are hopefully already aware that Victorian rules (laws) have changed recently (this year). Your rental property needs to have hardwired smoke detectors adjacent to all the living spaces. Additionally, they are to be interconnected (meaning should one go off, they all alarm). They also need to be regularly tested (once a year) to be functioning.

Please don’t just take our word for it. For more information you can continue to read: