Why LED’s?

Buckle in team, this’ll be a longer one!

LED’s are the most advanced lighting technology we have available for our homes and businesses today. Whilst the technology has been around for decades some of us are still stuck in the ‘dark ages’ of lighting with fluros, halogens, or even inefficient incandescent lighting products.

The main reasons that some homes and businesses haven’t upgraded to LED’s yet are;

  • They didn’t know there was a suitable upgrade.
  • They assume it will cost more than they can afford.
  • They don’t understand the benefits of taking the time to upgrade to LED.
  • Or, they’re a little set in their ways and don’t like the idea of change.

All of these are perfectly understandable reasons that someone won’t have upgraded their lights to LED, but let’s break them down a little further.

1) They didn’t know they could upgrade to LED.

There have been a lot of advertising campaigns from installers like ourselves and the Victorian Government’s VEU Program (previously VEET scheme) attempting to make Victorians aware they can upgrade their lights to LED for free or heavily subsidised. But if you haven’t seen the ads, or you know someone who hasn’t upgraded yet, you might like to know that the lighting upgrade incentive through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU) is the most popular energy efficiency incentive running in the state.

Did you know? Since 2009 the number of energy efficiency certificates allocated under VEET/VEU has effectively removed the equivalent of 18.7 million cars from the road for a year and planted 44.1 million trees. An important step in the fight against climate change.

2) They assume it will cost more than they can afford right now.

As you’ve read in all of the advertising material you’ve seen on the VEU scheme; our LED upgrades are often FREE! Completely free! You can upgrade your whole home, or business to LED for free. There are some terms & conditions to entry – for example, if you don’t have lights, then there’s nothing we can upgrade and if you already have LEDs (in your home) we can’t upgrade what doesn’t need upgrading, but we’re absolutely happy to have a chat with you and confirm you’re eligibility for a free or heavily subsidised upgrade.

3) They don’t understand the benefits of taking the time to upgrade to LED

We are actually now in the 2nd generation of this free (or heavily subsidised) energy-efficient lighting upgrade scheme.

The first generation in homes (residential properties) started about 10 years ago and included the replacement of incandescent lamps with Compact Fluoro lamps (curly fluoro’s) saving about 75% of the energy cost. (Note: You can now upgrade your CFLs again – to LED bulbs saving a further 50% of the energy cost. Now some upgrades from incandescent to LEDs can reduce your energy demand by 95%!

The first generation in businesses (commercial and industrial) started about 8 years ago and included the replacement of metal halide lights with LED lights saving about 75% of energy costs. New state-of-the-art LED lamps are twice as efficient as these earlier LED lamps so we can now replace even the olded LED lights with more efficient LED lights saving a further 50% of the energy cost.

So, upgrading your home or business to LED from outdated inefficient lights like halogens, metal halides, fluorescents and incandescent can actually reduce your lighting energy costs by as much as 95%!

4) And perhaps they’re a little set in their ways

Some Victorians might be a little slow to make the change because they’re unsure about LEDs – the technology might seem new and unnecessary. It’s actually getting difficult to buy lamps that are not LED. Some countries have banned the sales of energy-guzzling lamps like incandescent because they’re simply so inefficient and outdated. LEDs can last for decades without going out, they cost a fraction to light, they don’t get dangerously hot and they supply a superior quality of light.

Under this scheme (the VEU) LED globes can be supplied free, or heavily subsidised by the State Government, so why would you buy outdated lights when you can get the highest quality Government approved lamps completely free of charge?

Additionally, you are actually getting a warranty from a local electrical company. This means when you replace your globes with LED’s through TEIGE, not only will you get all new efficient lighting throughout your home (or business), but even in the unlikely event that a bulb fails. You have a local, licenced a-grade electrician, working for a professional registered electrical contractor, that you can call on to replace it at no charge. So you won’t even have the need to be out-of-pocket buying any more globes for the next 5 years either! – We believe this alone makes the program hugely worthwhile to every Victorian Household!

TEIGE, being new to Victoria and the VEU (previously VEET) program, is concerned that the marketing of this offer has been heavily focused on built-up urban area’s of the state and by contractors that are not necessarily local to the region. We are committed to seeing that every Victorian that is eligible for the offer has access to it! That means our rural customers too! So please don’t hesitate to contact us or even just book an installation if you think you stand to benefit from this offer. This subsidy is offered by YOUR state government to YOU the energy consumer.