Counting sheep…

This month saw another great little project completed for TEIGE. Replacing more than 50 light fittings in a sheering shed was an exciting and at times challenging (the right kind of challenge!) task that led to some fantastic results.

By replacing the traditional fluorescent fittings originally installed in 1988, the client will see some significant reduction in power usage when the sheering is on during these short winter days.

In this installation we chose to use an IP65 rated integrated LED batten replacement. This should help prevent some of the creepy crawlies from getting into fittings, gaining more reliability and fewer surprises should anyone need to access the inside of the fitting anytime in the future.

TEIGE is extremely passionate about seeing that all Victorians, including our primary producers, get access to the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. Everyone stands to benefit when we get to massively reduce the cost of installing energy-efficient products into rural properties here in Victoria. It pains us to hear from our new clients, so often, that they “can’t get a tradie out here, no one wants to travel from town”. Well, we will, and we love it!